Highpoint Deck Lighting

Since the inception of Highpoint Deck lighting in 2004 our focus has been on designing distinctive light fixtures utilizing the highest quality materials. We are committed to using the best metals; brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum to create beautiful lights that enhance the outdoor living areas of our customers. We currently have the largest selection of deck lights in the world with a wide range of styles, shapes and function. Over the past 8 years we have continually advanced our products with the integration of LED technology, cutting edge designs and the availability of design your own custom fixtures right here in the USA.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our Limited Lifetime Warranty on our most popular finishes. We believe that by using high quality materials to manufacturer our fixtures insures long lasting performance. We are committed to the environmental conscientious by offering LED options on every one of our lights which over the life span of the product will reduce energy consumption by more than 40x’s that of an incandescent light. It is this level of dedication to our customers that comes with every HighPoint deck light fixture.